Game To Life

Grabox the first ever in-car convenience store.

A new era of in-car convenience with benefits for Brands, Drivers and Riders

About Us

By the year 2023, the ride-hailing sector in Australia is expected to reach a total of 3.8 Million users. With a user base of that magnitude, it only seems fair to upgrade the service to a premium level. So here we are, with Grabox and the in-car convenience it offers.

Unboxing Market Potential

Having worked in the Retail Sector for decades, the co-founders of Grabox Pty Ltd thus came upon a mutual understanding of working towards upgrading the rideshare service and experience for all stakeholders by way of the all-new in-car convenience store, making it the first ever in the Australian market.

Grabbing Technical Opportunities

The 21st century boasts of phenomenal technical advancements and an unlimited scope of innovation for improving quality of life and the all-round customer experience. Going forward with the same philosophy, Grabox was developed with the purpose of connecting supply with demand in an all-new way, with a benefit for all.

The Journey & Milestones

Grabox Pty Ltd was incorporated in the month of June of the year 2018 with the dream of a successful launch sometime in the year 2019. However, soon after the conception and planning of the business structure, the founding team of Grabox was met with their first milestone - investor interest and commitments.

From thereon, there was no looking back as Grabox grew on to become one of the fastest growing startups in Australia with confirmed partnerships with giant brand names like Mars Wrigley Confectionery, Coca-Cola Amatil, Hero, Moxie and many more in the pipeline.

Meet The Team

Kash Mehta
CEO, Co-Founder

With collaborative 12 years of experience and expertise in Retail and Logistics sector, CEO Kash Mehta has achieved various milestones in his career. Having previously worked at a Senior Management Position with one of the biggest and fast-pacing Retail Companies, he is a passionate entrepreneur today with an in-depth knowledge of Retail Management and expertise in Human Resource Development.

Dhruv Kohli
Head of Growth and Partnerships

In a short span of time in the professional sector, Dhruv Kohli has proved his mettle time again through his numerous achievements in Business Development. The WSU Alumni has not only been responsible for the success of some ongoing businesses but has also helped several Startups take off by engaging as a Senior Marketing Strategist and Consultant. His impressive list of achievements also includes him representing his Alma Mater WSU in Singapore along with his involvement in USLS Symposium held by the United Nations.

Chris Barton
Strategy & Growth Advisor

Chris Barton has a passion for growing and building niche service businesses. In 2016, he completed a Multi-Million dollar exit from Tech company PricePal. Chris is also an Academic Sessional Business lecturer on Entrepreneurship and Business networking.
He is the founder of The Excellence Experiment, with a passion for creating all things 'Excellence', along with being an Adventure charity race competitor and all-around sports fanatic

Harsh Bhagat
Head of Logistics Operations, Co-Founder

With experience in Retail Management, Harsh Bhagat has been a part of several successful start-ups. His background in Information Technology and communications with Artificial Intelligence is the magic potion he uses for bringing technology enforcement in building up logistics and supply chain infrastructure.