• What is Grabox?

    Grabox is the first of its kind of service in Australia to provide riders with free and premium products in rideshare cars.

  • Is Grabox a rideshare company?

    No, we are not a rideshare company. We serve as an in-car convenience store for rideshare cars.

  • Is Grabox an Australian company?

    Grabox is 100% Australian owned and based in Australia founded by a group of industry leaders with years of professional experience and knowledge.

  • Are there any charges to drivers for using Grabox?

    Grabox is 100% free for drivers with zero ongoing costs. We only collect a security deposit of $50 at the time of sign up which is refundable in full if and when a Driver Partner returns the Box and it's contents.

  • Where does Grabox fit in the car?

    Grabox sits on top of the car console; it is very compact and lightweight for convenience. Keeping safety at the highest priority, Grabox is designed with all safety measures to ensure that it is totally safe for drivers to use while driving.

  • What are the requirements to join Grabox?

    Grabox is offered to rideshare drivers rated over 4.7, who drive more than 30 hours a week.

  • How much money can I make from Grabox?

    As part of the first 500 drivers’ group, Grabox pays you 25% commission fee on the total sales made by you. You also earn from promotional bonuses, surge-pricing, and referral bonuses. Drivers also get paid sales commission fee for transactions that include only free/promotional products. To sum it up, top Grabox drivers can make up to $300 a month.

  • How do I sign up?

    Please log on to www.grabox.com.au, click ‘sign up’ and start filling up your application to get on board with Grabox.

  • What documents do I need to register with Grabox?

    Grabox asks you to upload a copy of your driving license and a screenshot of your rideshare company profile.

  • Why does Grabox need my driving license?

    Grabox is of no cost to drivers, and so to make sure it is going to the right people and rideshare drivers we need to verify the drivers' identity before they use Grabox products.

  • Why do you need my bank details & shipping details?

    Shipping details are required for timely deliveries of Grabox products while the Bank details are needed for timely payments to your bank account every fortnight.

  • Where is Grabox available?

    Grabox is available all across Australia.

  • What sort of products does the Grabox store have?

    Products in Grabox range from nut bars, drinks, healthy snacks, protein bars, mints & other essential items.

  • How will my products be restocked?

    Our System will automatically show us when your existing stock of items is low. However, it might take about 2-3 days for the replacement request to process and arrive at your registered address.

  • Can drivers have a say in choosing the products?

    Yes, We do take regular feedback from our driver partners to improve our offering to the riders.

  • What happens if riders make a mess in my car?

    We let drivers decide whether they allow passengers to consume in the car or not and it's also on driver’s discretion when they would like to hand out the products. We only recommend to handover the products when it is safe to do so or when the car is parked.

  • Can rideshare companies ban me because I am using Grabox?

    As an independent contractor, you have full rights to sell items through Grabox in your rideshare car. Moreover, something similar to this is being promoted by major rideshare companies globally, and even in your rideshare driver profile there is a complement called ‘Top extras’, so Grabox helps you to earn compliments and ratings as well. This concept is approved by major rideshare companies globally.

  • When should I use Grabox?

    You should use Grabox every time you drive for any of the rideshare companies as it will help to increase your earnings while also helping us to serve you better.

  • When should I hand over the products to Riders?

    You should only hand out the products when your vehicle is parked or only when it is safe to do so.

  • How do I get to know what products do I need to handover?

    Riders order products through their phones and the driver will get a text notification on which products have been purchased and need to be handed out.

  • How Should I store my Grabox when I am not driving?

    When not in use, it is strongly recommended to store the Box and products inside an insulated storage bag provided by Grabox. To prevent items from melting, or from the risk of theft please take the Box and its content inside your residence.

  • What if I want to buy the item for myself?

    You follow the same process as riders do, go to getgrabox.store and scan QR code or enter 4 digit code, choose the item, pay for the item and enjoy your snacks.

  • Can my device be used to place orders for a Rider?

    Riders cannot order for Grabox items through the Driver’s phone. Allowing the Rider to do so will invite penalty for the Driver. Thus, it is strongly recommended that the Drivers only accept orders made from a Rider device.

  • When do I get paid?

    Drivers get paid every fortnight in their nominated bank account.

  • What happen if I don't get paid or get paid incorrectly?

    We as a team at Grabox will make sure that all drivers get paid correctly and on time, however, if there are any errors in your payment summary, please feel free to reach out to our support team at support@getgrabox.com

  • When does a referral bonus get paid?

    Once the referred person makes $100 in sales, that is when you will be eligible for the referral payout which will be paid fortnightly with your regular payment.

  • What if my Box equipment gets damaged, lost or stolen?

    Simply send us the photo of the damaged item with your Grabox ID, name & car registration no. via email at support@getgrabox.com

  • Do the riders need to download an app to buy the products?

    No riders do not need to download any app to buy the items, it takes less than 30 seconds to complete a transaction.

  • What happens if passengers steal products from Grabox?

    Grabox is designed in a way, that only drivers have the access to open the box so that there is no risk of theft.

  • How much can a driver really make?

    While every drivers earnings depend on their own sales we can explain it better with an example. Let's say you make a sale of $2, then as per Grabox structure you would be getting $1+20% of the transaction amount. This would mean that you would get $1.40 in your pocket! That's 70% of the transaction amount in your pocket!